Sheriff Dave Lucas approached the Belmont County commissioners about a dog park several months ago, and they have approved it.

He says whenever he and his wife travel, they take their dogs—Loki and Izzy—to dog parks, and he decided that Belmont County needs one.

He says it will be located on State Route 331, in a large field behind the current health department, near the walking trail.

“It will be one big fenced area divided to where you have one area for small to medium dogs, and the other for medium to large dogs,” Sheriff Lucas said. “There will be water there. There will be pavilions there for shade. So it will be very nice for owners to bring their dogs there to run, to exercise.”

He says it will open next year, at no cost to the taxpayers.

If anyone has any suggestions or donations, they can call the sheriff at (740) 695-7933 and leave a message.