MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) — Martins Ferry Police Chief John McFarland gave 7News more details about the case where a teen from North Carolina allegedly plotted to stab his girlfriend’s parents.

North Carolina teen charged with attempted murder in Belmont County

Cadyn Groce, 19, lived on 12th Street in Martins Ferry and was dating the 17-year-old daughter of the victims, said McFarland.

The teen female’s parents reportedly said Groce was not allowed in their house.

On February 5, Groce was in the parents’ house with the teen daughter, and the pair planned to murder the parents, said the police chief.

The teen daughter had reportedly hidden Groce in an upstairs closet.

The pair were allegedly texting each other to plan the murder. A third party had their phone service plan set up to receive texts as well. That third party notified the teen girl’s father about the murder plot.

The teen girl’s parents were downstairs while the girl and Groce were waiting for them to go to bed and fall asleep…then the teens were allegedly going to stab them to death.

When the father was alerted by the third party, he went to the upstairs closet and found Groce. The father reportedly defended himself from knife wounds with a baseball bat.

Groce allegedly cut the father’s arms and hands. The father called for his wife to call 911.

Police and EMS responded and separated the individuals.

Groce was arrested and taken to the Belmont County Jail. He has ties to North Carolina, and is there now on bond, said McFarland.

The 17-year-old daughter was placed into custody and taken to Sargus Juvenile Center, said McFarland.

The case is planned to go to trial in January.