Scotty the Boxer dog was discovered abandoned on Kirkland Hill Road, off Pipe Creek Road in Belmont County, according to officials from Belmont County Hoof & Paw.

They say when they rescued him, Scotty was suffering from Lyme Disease, coccidiosis and hookworm.

Neighbors said he’d been left behind when his owners moved away.

“Apparently the owners had not been at the house in many weeks, and the neighbors took Scotty some food and made sure he had water,” said Julie Larish, humane agent with Hoof & Paw. “They were waiting for the owners to come back. And they did come back, but they just got a load of furniture and left again.”

Hoof & Paw took custody of Scotty and got him in a foster home.

He went to Speak For The Unspoken, a rescue that teaches sign language to animals and their owners.

Speak For The Unspoken is a foster-based rescue that helps dogs with special needs.

Scotty is reportedly doing fine, and is an excellent student.

Scotty’s owners are now reportedly facing charges.