BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Citizens upset over the number of animals being euthanized at the Belmont County Animal Shelter were able to have their voices heard at a special town hall meeting Wednesday evening. 

In the past, people have questioned why volunteers are being banned and potential adopters are being turned away, while animals are being put down due to overcrowding. 

Overcrowding in animal shelters is at an all-time high nationwide as brought up by Belmont County Commissioner Jerry Echemann , but J.B. Dutton says Belmont County is under the average rate for the state of Ohio, which is 7%. 

Volunteers who were let go from the shelter like 15 yearlong volunteers like Julie and Aaron Apitzsch say that dog warden Lisa Duvall has shown a pattern of intimidation with lots of staff turnover. 

”Before they were euthanized, they admittedly said how wonderful the dogs were and they were. Then a week and a half to two weeks later they are euthanized. I mean, is that the amount of time that they get? I know they were long-term residents, but they just started really marketing them on the Facebook live which is great, but then they turn around and euthanize them.”

Julie Apitzsch – Former Shelter Volunteer

”One person has a say on who’s going to be able to volunteer or not, but you hear from 400 freaking people about Lisa. She’s your employee.”

Aaron Apitzsch – Former Shelter Volunteer

The public rose questions tonight about the adoption process at the Belmont County Animal Shelter, as well as Lisa Duvall’s tactics on acquiring animals. 

They also wanted to know the process of properly disposing of euthanized animals. 

Commissioners clarified this evening that a “disagreement” between volunteers is why they were let go. 

They also stated that they would look into the concerns brought up this evening and get back to the public.