BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Officials say the Jamboree In The Hills site is now in the hands of a new owner, and probably won’t ever be a concert venue again.

They say the 210-acre property in Belmont County has been purchased by the Roger Barack family of Bellaire for $1.3 million dollars, but no one knows what the new owners plan to do with the property.

However, the public has plenty of ideas.

I heard everything from the public like it would make a great drive-in theater, which it probably would, and it ought to be a big housing development with a lot of nice homes. My own personal preference would be something that provides jobs, and a lot of them, whatever that might be because I think that’s what this area needs the most.

Jerry Echemann, Belmont County Commissioner

The location, on Route 40 near I-70, is prime.

Commissioner Jerry Echemann believes its days as a site for music festivals are over.

I’d be really surprised if it gets turned into an entertainment venue of any kind. It’s possible. One never knows, but I think you’ll end up seeing housing or industrial development of some kind. And hopefully in a quick timetable. I would not want to see it sit for years and years and years and there it sits, you know.

Jerry Echemann, Belmont County Commissioner

Echemann believes it was a good purchase, at a good price, and that it’s an excellent piece of property. His message to the new owners is congratulations, and if you need any help, the county commission is there for you.