BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) — Ohio lost a congressional seat and the redistricting process has been far from easy–moving from 16 seats to 15. 

The first redistricted maps were declared unconstitutional and now the second round of maps has groups appealing to the Ohio Supreme Court to be considered invalid. 

On his stop to St. Clairsville while touring his district, we caught up with Congressman Bill Johnson. 

He says the population is not as dense with cities in his seat, so he is confident he will not lose jurisdiction.

It is a difficult mathematical process to draw district lines, but who knows where that is going to fall out. I’m confident, though, that whatever that decision is, I think Belmont County is going to be in the sixth congressional district. And, I look forward to representing the people here for a long time.

Rep. Bill Johnson, (R) Ohio, District 6 

Johnson’s district currently holds 18 counties from outside of Cleveland to outside of Cincinnati. The longest district east of the Mississippi.