The demolition of Belmont County’s old county home got under way Monday morning.

The large 3-story brick structure was the home for people in need for many years, and after that, it was used as office space for agencies including Children’s Services and the OSU Extension service.

Since then, it has sat empty for years.

Recently, county commissioners decided to have it demolished, to clear the way for a new health department facility nearby.

“It’s quite a big job. Lots of details involved you know. A lot of people working together to make it safe and get it taken care of.”

Debbie Brown, President, Raze International

“The health department has needed a new building for years. Again to serve the community in the best way we can, we need a much larger facility to offer more services. This is the first step heading in that direction.”

Rob Sproul, Deputy Health Commissioner

Debbie Brown, president of Raze International, says she realizes the building has significance to people who lived or worked there.

She said it’s fine to come over for a last look or to take a picture. Just pay attention to the fencing and barricades, and stay safe.

She says the demolition should be complete in 4 to 5 weeks.

The new health department facility will be built next door, on the lawn in front of the EMA.