Rumors are swirling about the tragic accident that took the life of a child in Belmont County Sunday night.

So the post commander of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is speaking out.

Lt. Maurice Waddell (“Wa-DELL”) says evidence shows the four-year-old girl ran into the path of the driver on State Route 9 in Provident at 8:55 p.m.

He says there was no indication the driver was impaired, and he voluntarily submitted to a toxicology screen.
And he did not veer into the child’s yard.

The point of impact was on the road.

“I know that there’s been some social media talking about that the vehicle went off the roadway into a yard, and that did not occur. The crash did occur on the roadway. It’s an unfortunate event. And I encourage people that if they have any questions about a crash, please do contact us at the post.”

Lt. Maurice Waddell- Post Commander, Ohio State Highway Patrol

Lt. Waddell urges people not to put stock in what is posted on social media.

He says if you have an interest in a particular incident, you can call the patrol and inquire about it.

And if they can release the information, they will.

He says when people spread inaccurate information on social media, it can be detrimental to an already grieving family.