The first 100 days for East Ohio Regional Hospital since its reopening have been eventful. 

The hospital reopened February 4, and Chief Operating Officer Bernie Albertini says the focus has been on three groups of people. The patients, the doctors and the employees. 

He says the patients are grateful for the personal service, the work in a hospital that serves a small community in need, and the employees have made all the difference with their hard work during a year of preparation. 

First, it was me and the security guard, right? And fast forward to when I walk in today. You know the employees who have come on board and have come back to work here and those who have worked here before and those who, the new employees who have com on board just the amount of work, the amount of dedication they put in over the last year, it’s amazing. It’s just a remarkable story.

EORH Chief Operating Officer Bernie Albertini 

 Albertini says the emergency room’s numbers are growing every month. They have a Women’s Health department that will soon be offering a new bladder sling procedure. And their state of the art Cardiac Cath Lab will be installed soon.