BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – East Ohio Regional Hospital and Access Ohio just officially cut the ribbon on a new medical detox and 30-day residential program to help combat the drug problem in our area.

The medical detox program is done immediately upon arrival at the hospital. Upon completion, the client will move into the 30-day residential program, which is focused on behavioral health, post-detox. It features intense treatment, counseling, group sessions and more, the goal of which is to help individuals in their fight with addiction.

“I think it’s really important as a community that we rally behind programs like this because, you know, people need help, and it’s okay to need help, but I think it’s even more okay to go ahead and get treatment.”

BERNIE ALBERTINI, Administrator and Chief Operating Officer at EORH

“When people need help they don’t have a place to go, and so a facility like that here in our region is so vitally important. I’m really proud of Dr. Johnson and the folks here at East Ohio Regional to get this set up.”


Though some are sent to the program by courts, anyone in need can enter the programs by showing up to the emergency room.

Visit their website for more details.