Fentanyl isn’t just being added to heroin and cocaine anymore.

Drug traffickers are using pill presses to make fentanyl look identical to often-misused drugs like percocet and Xanax.

It’s even turning up in marijuana and vape solutions.

Coroner Amanda Fisher says unless a drug was prescribed for you, it could contain fentanyl.

“You may think, oh man, I really have a lot of knee pain and I’m waiting for my primary care physician to order an MRI for me but my cousin gave me this percocet and I’m just going to take it because I need to get things done today and it will help,” said Dr. Fisher. “But you need to automatically assume that it could kill you because chances are, it has fentanyl in it.”

The coroner’s staff says there have been 97 overdoses in the county from January through May.

And in every single case, fentanyl was found.

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