BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio — The Fraternal Order of Police and Belmont County Sheriff’s Office have come to a contract agreement, one that comes with “substantial” wage increases according to two county commissioners.

We were advised by our attorney at the bargaining table that we would start losing deputies big time if something wasn’t done. I realize the wage increases are substantial…but they reflect the times we are in. When it comes to someone carrying a gun, you want the best and most mature person possible.

Jerry Echemann, Belmont County Commissioner

Belmont County Commissioner Josh Meyer said the pact passed unanimously among the FOP members. Meyer said the contract contained some substantial raises, but “it gets them up to par with others in our local area.”

Meyer said the deputies and corrections officers deserve it.

They’re out there 24/7, dealing with not the best of people, and we want them to know we appreciate the work they do.

Josh Meyer, Belmont County Commissioner