BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — The comfort a dog can bring is something almost everyone is familiar with, and Jersey brings that feeling to the people of the Belmont County Courthouse. 

Today, Second Saturday in Belmont County, had members of the courthouse using their proceeds from selling Fudge Puppies and lemonade to support Jersey and her handler Jen, to ensure that Jersey can continue serving her vital role as a therapy K9 in court. 

Jersey is almost four years old, and lives with her owner, Deputy Jen Yuhase, who assumes all her expenses. 

When asked why they are raising money today, Jersey’s supporters responded with this: 

“She has really, I think, made it possible for a lot of children and adults to testify when they maybe otherwise wouldn’t have been emotionally able to.” 

Kristi Lipscomb

Jersey is there for people on some of their worst days, and the community members of Belmont County value her service.