Monday was a banner day for area gardeners.

Holub’s Greenhouse near St. Clairsville opened their doors for the season.

Their customers follow them closely on Facebook, and they were there bright and early.

Owner Fred Holub counseled them about not putting their plants out in the garden yet, with the air and soil temperature still too cold.

He said vegetable gardening is enjoying a big resurgence in popularity.

“Back in the 1960s and 70s, it seemed like vegetables were the big seller,” said Holub. “Nowadays we grow a lot of flowers because that’s food for the soul. But vegetables are very important. The price of everything in the grocery store is outrageous now. So a few tomatoes and peppers and vegetables around the house, you’ll enjoy eating them!”

Holub is the second generation to operate the greenhouse.

It is the family’s 60th year in business, and now the third generation is involved.

The fourth generation comes in occasionally, but she’s only eight months old!

If you’re planning to stop by for some plants, take note: they sell out quickly, and usually close for the season around Father’s Day.