Saint Clairsville, OH (WTRF)-Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer, but it’s also the time to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

There’s plenty to do if you want to honor those brave men and women, especially in Belmont County. 

“We’re so excited about this upcoming weekend for Memorial Day.”

Jackie Pugh, executive director of the Belmont County Tourism Council

There’s a lot to do, including a ‘Run for the Wall’ motorcycle ride. A group of veterans, active military personnel, and supporters riding from California will get off I-70 by the mall and will go down Route 40 and Main Street. They’ll pass through around 6 Sunday night on their way to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D-C.  People will be cheering with flags as they ride on by.

The event will carry into the next morning with a ceremony in front of the courthouse at 7:30. There’ll be patriotic music, a firing salute, and a speaker, and if you go next door, there’s an exhibit honoring Belmont County soldiers. 

Inside you’ll see a bow and arrow, several photographs, and uniforms all from the Vietnam War. You’ll also see two Medal of Honor recipients from WW2. 

There’s a lot to check out all-weekend-long, and whether you’re a veteran or just a proud American, it’s for a day everyone to remember the brave soldiers. 

“People need to realize that Memorial Day is preserving the memory of those who fought and died for this country, all the veterans. Everything we have now was given to us and saved for us by all the veterans, and we have to honor their memory on Memorial Day.”

Larry Darnes, the commander of American Legion Post 159