BELMONT COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Is the ethane cracker plant still coming to Belmont County? 

It’s the question that many would like an answer to. 

PTTGC America said yes when 7News asked on Wednesday.

So, that brings another question, where does the project stand?

Dan Williamson, a spokesperson for PTTGC America, said it is currently in the process of searching for a partner for the cracker plant. 

This is a huge project that requires a financial partner, or financial partners, to go in on it with us. This company has been talking to companies from around the world to tell them about the potential here in the shale region in the Ohio River Valley where there are all these abundant resources.

Dan Williamson, Spokesperson, PTTGC America

PTTGC America said it’s put more than $300 million into the project and still continues to invest. 

Williamson explained that the current economic climate is certainly a factor. 

These are tough economic times. The pandemic followed by the economic and global unrest caused by the war in Ukraine makes things more difficult. We acknowledge that, but this is not the kind of project that needs to happen overnight. This is a project going in that I think everyone knew would require patience.

Dan Williamson, Spokesperson, PTTGC America

Williamson told 7News that PTTGC America is not setting a deadline for the project, but that they do remain “very hopeful that this project can become a reality.

I can’t overstate the degree to which PTTGC America appreciates the way they’ve been welcomed by Belmont County, its people, its elected officials, the folks in West Virginia across the river, Jobs Ohio, two Governors, three Presidential administrations and everyone has been outstanding to work with. Everyone wants to see economic opportunity expand in the Ohio River Valley. 

Dan Williamson, Spokesperson, PTTGC America

Williamson reassures that PTTGC America wants the cracker plant to come to Belmont County and that the company would not be spending time, money and resources if they didn’t think it was viable.

Be sure to stay with 7News for any continued updates on the ethane cracker plant.