In the past, you had to go to the health department in person, fill out a form and they would only accept a money order, certified check or cash.

But now you can get what you need online and pay with a credit card.

There’s a link to the new system on the health department’s website and facebook page.

“It will give you a tracker,” said Deputy Registrar Tiffany Vcelka. “It will tell you when someone here at the office picks it up and what the status of that is. If there are any questions in the process, if you’ve left out any information or we need to double verify anything, we can email or make a phone call directly and finish that application. And we immediately will be able to process anything the same day, as long as it’s here during business hours.”

Death certificates are generally needed to settle a loved one’s estate or access their life insurance.

But everyone is seeking out a copy of their birth certificate these days.

It’s needed to get a federal driver’s license or ID, which is now required if you plan to fly anywhere.

And the little card with your footprints on it from the hospital where you were born is actually not accepted as a birth certificate.

They say the new system is user friendly and self-explanatory.

If you want help, you can still go to the health department and they’ll set you up at a kiosk and walk you through the process.

And if you want to pay cash, they’ll waive the $4 online processing fee.

The certificate is still $25 per copy.