BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Wild horses along Route 7 near Powhatan (Ohio) have been an issue of concern for several years.

This week when one of those horses was hit by a car and killed, there was renewed attention to the situation.

Belmont County Hoof and Paw has been working to corral them and transport them to a family several hours away in West Virginia who are horse experts and willing to give them a safe home for life.

But corralling them takes time and patience to gain their trust.

“Just be aware in that area. It’s on State Route 7 just north of Powhatan on the two-lane highway. The horses are there. Just be cautious, especially at night. Hoof and Paw has been trying to gather the horses over the last several months. They’ve made great progress with this. I recently spoke to Julie at the office and she advised they got three horses last night. “

Lt. Brian McFarland, Ohio State Highway Patrol

“We successfully loaded them. They arrived at their new location late in the night. I got reports this morning they are doing wonderful. They’re in a six foot high fence so they can’t get out. But they also have lush green grass. They have everything they could ever ask for and they have some really awesome people taking care of them. “

Julie Larish, Humane Agent, Belmont County

There are nine more horses on the hill, still to be captured and re-homed.

One horse has remained down near Route 7, but Hoof and Paw has been denied access to the property he’s on, so they can’t get in to rescue him.

Julie Larish urges people not to stop and feed him, at least not near the road.

She says he needs to be encouraged to be as far away from the road as possible.