BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Each year, Belmont County hosts hands on training for first responders and other agencies to better prepare everyone for an active shooting situation.  

The drill itself was hosted at St. Clairsville High School and made to look and feel as realistic as possible without causing unnecessary trauma to those involved.  

WVU Medicine helped make some teenagers look injured by creating fake chest and leg wounds.  

Those who were injured as a part of the drill were transported to WVU Medicine’s Wheeling and Reynolds Memorial Hospitals to give staff hands on practice.  

“We just want first responders to be ready, prepared, students ready, prepared, school ready and prepared. And it’s not just by reacting. It’s how we’re going to do after the disaster is done. How are we you know, how are we going to communicate with each other, all the different agencies and the school districts?”

Michael Duplaga | St. Clairsville PRO & St. Clairsville Police Officer

Multiple police and fire departments along with Belmont County’s special operations unit were involved in the drill. 

The main goal is not to cause fear, rather to better prepare EVERYONE if an unforeseen active shooting situation were to occur.  

School administrators and officials from several schools, including Marshall County, attended Tuesday’s drill.