The Belmont County Animal Shelter says they have five dogs that they rescued after they were dumped in a field and left starving with a flea infestation.

The dogs are currently at the shelter and able to be adopted once they are healthy enough to leave. They were flea-treated, bathed, and wormed but are still in bad shape.

Belmont County says the dogs were left alone to eat dirt gravel and plastic.

All five dogs were anemic with stark white gums on, one to the point of being unable to stand or hold his head up.

The dogs were also found with stained yellow feet and were pigeon-toed.

Belmont County says a simple round of flea medication could have prevented a lot of the dogs’ pain.

Cases like this are increasing every day and they lead to large vet bills, according to Belmont County. Shelters have set budgets for injured animals and most are being run through quickly with the sudden increase of injured strays.

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