Local siblings meet for the first time in over 50 years

Belmont County

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OHIO (WTRF)- “I didn’t have a good childhood. I had good neighbors, wonderful neighbors but childhood no,” 

A Marjorie Zuboski, a Martin’s Ferry native. 

All Marjorie ever wanted was a good family. At 12 years old, Marjorie found out she was adopted. But it wasn’t until her early 30’s that she began the hunt for her disconnected family. 

“In the early years I wanted to find my mother but then I got to where I’m 80 and my mother was born in 1912 and I got to the point where she’s not alive but I should have some brothers and sisters out there.” 

With help from a family friend, Ancestry.com, and Facebook, Marjorie was able to find her siblings Anne Lee Bauduin and Joe McCutcheon. 

Anne and Joe grew up right here on National Road in Wheeling and during their childhood, they had no idea that they had a sister living just ten minutes away in Martins Ferry. 

“It was just unbelievable to know that here I have a sister who’s been searching for us for 60 years and she found us, you know that’s the amazing part of it,” said Anne. 

“The feeling is, it’s a natural feeling, it’s like I’ve known her all my life. We just talk you know, she’s my sister, it’s unbelievable. It’s just a natural thing, we know each other,” said Joe. 

“Oh yes, I’m glad I got a family, yes, very happy, and like my sister said, we bonded quite well and Joe I asked he asked Anne, “what do I say to her?” Well you just say hello Joe, so you know we were all a little nervous but happy and not so much them, they were all shocked you know that their mother had a child and never told them,” said Marjorie.  

She may not have ever found her mother but getting to know her mother through her siblings has meant the world to Marjorie.  

The three do have another sister, Sue who has passed away. But there is no denying the physical similarities the siblings share. And Marjorie and Anne have the same taste in fashion. 

“My god, yes, rings, toe rings, ankle bracelets, that was the first thing that her nephews said. You know look at it, look how they wear their rings,” said Anne. 

Marjorie’s advice to those living with uncertainty is to never gave up hope.  

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