Martins Ferry, Ohio (WTRF) – One former Ohio Valley resident who now lives in Europe…is learning firsthand about the plight of Ukrainian refugees.

Here in the Ohio Valley, we know her father– Rev. William Webster– as the pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Martins Ferry.

His daughter and her family, who live in Copenhagen, Denmark, have taken in a Ukrainian refugee–a 32-year-old woman.

And she came to them literally with the clothes on her back and a coat and that was it. She had no money and no language skills. She didn’t speak Danish or English and so they’re learning Russian and Ukraine and they’re also, she is also learning a little bit of English and Danish at the same time.

Rev. William Webster, Grace Church, Martins Ferry

Her name is Ilona.

Rev. Webster says it’s a learning experience for everyone.

He says his daughter’s family has opened their home to her, to provide a place that is safe.

He notes that 4 million refugees have left Ukraine.

Most have fled to Poland and other Eastern European countries.