BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF)– Over in Belmont County, the National Pike Wagon Train went on a three-day excursion.

The line of horses and wagons road on the historic road and made a few stops on the way.  

They started Friday night and camped in Morristown at Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park.

Then on Saturday, they drove to Cumberland Point nursing home. 

Dick Gummere. the Wagon Master, says it is a fun tradition that honors those that came before us.

We’ve been doing this for 30 some years and it’s just kind of way to honor the past. See how the old people, the pioneers used to do. Of course, we got a lot better than they did, but it still gives you a little bit of reality to what they put up with.

Dick Gummere, Wagon Master 

As they drove around, community members stood by the road to watch and wave.  

It’s not every day that a caravan of horse drawn wagons passes through town.  

After a long three days, the National Pike Wagon Train made its way back on the Historic National Road and returned to Morristown.