The Belmont County Health Department is getting a lot of requests for the new Bivalent COVID vaccine, and they’ve been giving it out since the moment the FDA approved it.

Monkeypox shot available in WV health departments

Christine Jenewein, immunization and infection control nurse, says they were able to pre-order the vaccine, refrigerate it and have it ready as soon as the FDA approval came through, which occurred Sept. 2.

“Within an hour, we were giving the vaccine to our employees and soon afterward, to people coming in,” Jenewein said.

She says there is a lot of interest in the vaccine, so she asks that people call ahead to make an appointment, due to limited space in the parking lot and waiting room.

She says she can often give them an appointment the same day they call, or the following day.

Jenewein says many people are requesting the flu shot at the same time, and she says they can do that, giving one injection in each arm.

She says at this point, the health department only as the high dose flu vaccine for people 65 and over, but they expect the regular dose vaccine (for ages 6 months and older) to arrive in the next two weeks.

The phone number of the Belmont County Health Department is (740) 695-1202.