New information was provided Saturday morning in the Wilson Furniture fire that happened Friday night in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Fire Department says the Wilson Furniture building is a total loss after Friday night’s fire.

Fire officials told Owner Jason Wilson they believe the fire started on the 2nd floor of the furniture building.

Crews battled the blaze for hours, luckily officials say there were no injuries.

Wilson says the furniture store is completely destroyed, the roof caved in, and almost everything in the main entrance area is under four inches of water.

He says even though they don’t know what the future holds right now, they appreciate all the support they have been given.

“I’m just grateful to the public. Numerous people honked, waved, offered support. You know sure it’s our business, it’s our furniture store, but the community is very well connected to us and then you know we have served for many many years, and I think today we’re getting some of that back.”

Jason Wilson – Owner Wilson Furniture

Wilson wanted to thank his employees and all the fire departments for their hard work during this difficult time.

He says they are open for business.

The Mattress Center was untouched by the fire and is fully functioning.

They also have their digital catalog if customers would like to shop there.

The Fire Marshal will be back on Monday to hopefully determine the cause of the blaze.

Bridgeport Fire posted on their Facebook they would like to extend prayers to Jason Wilson, his family and the employees at Wilson Furniture. They would also like to thank all the departments which responded with us to the fire. It was a complete team effort; more importantly, everyone went home safely.

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