MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) — As far back as the Civil War, veterans have been laid to rest at Riverside Cemetery in Martins Ferry.

And this weekend the city showed that their centuries of sacrifice are still well-remembered.

The American Legion Post 38 put up a new monument at the top of the hill, with help from community donations and Martins Ferry officials.

A pillar shows the seals of armed forces branches, with bricks and benches on the outside dedicated to those who served.

The project started during the pandemic but the community is proud to see it standing tall above the Valley.

This is a big graveyard and a lot of Vietnam veterans, Korean veterans, World War II veterans, so it means a lot for us to put this up here in honor of those people and all the veterans all over this country that have served this country well, fought and died for it, we love them all.

Terry Wildman, Vietnam Veteran, Chairman of Monument Committee

In the process of putting the new monument in, the American Legion found a time capsule from 1977.

They opened up the very heavy American flag-colored box to find newspapers from the time, along with sketches of the original memorial.