The hole, in the 3600 block, keeps getting bigger as the walls collapse.

Workers say it’s potentially dangerous, and they have to be cautious.

They say it all started with a major clog in the storm drain.

They say they tried to unclog it, but it didn’t work.

So they had to excavate, and discovered a big crater under the street.

“We tried shooting it with our big vac truck, but it was not getting unclogged,” said Tim Bell, lead service technician. “Mainly it’s just trash getting clogged up down there. I mean the big thing is, people just throw their trash down, it goes in the storm drains and it finally gets clogged up, plus the cinders from winter added to it.”

They are now vacuuming the water out.

They say then they will install a manhole and fill it back up and seal it.

The hole is 14 feet deep.