Quite a few animal rescue organizations have “Belmont County” in their name.

And one of those—the Belmont County Animal Rescue League or BCARL—recently announced it cannot “continue current operations.”

That has caused confusion in the area.

People have become upset, thinking the county animal shelter is closing.

Dog Warden Lisa Williams says the Belmont County Animal Shelter is busier than ever.

“We are open,” said Williams. “We are not going anywhere. The county needs a county shelter for all the animals we get in. Animals are thrown out on the back roads. People get evicted and can’t keep their animals. People pass away and we take in their animals. People in this economy can’t care for their animals properly and bring them here. Animals are brought in here with different injuries and diseases.”

She says the Belmont County Animal Shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 4, Sunday noon to 3, and closed Monday.

The phone number is (740) 695-4708.