Shadyside, Ohio (WTRF) – Without COVID and without a war, we’d be in year two of construction.

That’s what PTTGC America said as Senate candidate Tim Ryan toured the undeveloped cracker plant site today.

The Democrat congressman and Mahoning Valley native says he’s been a longtime supporter of
natural gas.

As he spoke with workers and community leaders, he emphasized that the cracker plant should be
a top priority.

Not just locally for the jobs it would attract, but nationally, as Ryan says energy sales to eastern Europe would stop Putin in his tracks.

He points to the newly passed infrastructure law as laying the groundwork for the plant—and that
now we just need the investment in skilled labor to make it a reality.

I think one of the dumbest things we’ve ever done in this country is tell everybody they have to go to college. We’ve got to focus on the workers who are going to build the cracker facilities and build the electric cars and trucks. They’re going to build the batteries that go into them.

Tim Ryan, (D)-Candidate for US Senate

Ryan also spoke about the difficulties the plant has faced in getting permits.

He wants to let the company know he has their back, and that it will take cooperation between the public and private spheres to move to the next step.

Regarding the plant’s environmental concerns, Representative Ryan says we can use our resources wisely and create jobs—they’re not mutually exclusive.