SHADYSIDE, Ohio (WTRF) – After 47 years on the job David Lenz has retired as chief of the OR&W Fire District.

Lenz has been chief for the 19-years. He first served as chief for nine years with the Shadyside Volunteer Fire Department. Then, ten years ago, when the OR&W Fire District replaced it, Lenz was again named chief.

OR&W Fire District comprises Mead Township and the Village of Shadyside.

It has been my sincere honor and privilege to serve the district’s residents. When I was a youngster, my dream was to save property and provide care to those in need. That dream became true and then some having served as an officer and then as a chief. I thank everyone who helped me along the way, and I wish the very best for the department, its team of professionals and district’s residents.

David Lenz, Retired Chief

Lenz started his career in 1975 in Shadyside and served as fire and EMS lieutenant and then captain. In 1980 he was one of the first in Belmont County to earn a paramedic certification.

Under his guidance, the fire department made significant strides including hiring several full-time staff members to cover all shifts.

When it comes to his duties, Dave was reliable, dedicated, skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate. His leadership was crucial, especially when it came to forming the new first district. Today, we have first rate equipment and team of professionals always ready to serve our residents. On behalf of the district’s board of trustees, we offer him a heartfelt thank you for his 47 years of service.

Gregg Warren, Chair, Fire District Board of Trustees

Lenz is a graduate of Shadyside. He retired several years ago from the Ohio Valley Dairy maintenance department in Martins Ferry.

He has two children with his wife Kim, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter.