A man who thought he was meeting a 14-year-old in St. Clairsville for sex last September was instead met by the St. Clairsville Police.

Monday was sentencing day in Belmont County for 45-year-old Nathan Holycross of North Lewisburg, Ohio.

Monday, he asked the judge to let him out on probation so he could get what he called “sexual counseling.”

His attorney said Holycross still insists the legal system is wrong to allow police to claim to be youngsters agreeing to have sex with adults.

“I know that he is outspoken. I know that he does not agree with the law as it is.”

Aaron Miller, Defense Attorney

“I could be on probation and parole and go to, like, sexual counseling repeatedly. See what my problem might be down deep in. And I can’t do that being incarcerated. I have huge family support and community support in this matter of trying to figure out what’s going on, if I do have a sexual problem underneath or underlying. “

Nathan Holycross, appearing from jail by video

“You drove two and a half hours and were arrested with condoms and young female clothing. The St. Clairsville Police in this case should be applauded for the work they’ve done in protecting people from people like you. Because you are every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Judge Chris Berhalter, Belmont County Common Pleas Court

Berhalter said he doesn’t believe Holycross has one shred of remorse.

He sentenced him to the maximum under the law–two years–one for importuning and one for use of criminal tools.

Holycross claimed the condoms in his truck were old, and might have been his nephew’s.

The judge read a long list of his prior offenses, and said if he wasn’t sent to prison, he would likely repeat his behavior again and again.