ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — The sound of a new private practice opening in Belmont County was music to the ears of Congressman Bill Johnson, who just did a ride-along Monday with Steubenville Police and is now brushing up on his cataract knowledge.  

The Physicians Regional Surgery Center just opened two weeks ago in St. Clairsville and has already performed 12 cataract surgeries

Owners say this is the only facility of its type in the I-70 corridor from Washington PA to Zanesville. And they’re certified in not only cataract surgery but GI, podiatry, and more.

I’ve been in practice here in the area for 30 years and I’ve done most of my work at local hospitals who do a good job. But we had this dream to develop this surgery center and deliver this product exactly as we wish to do it.

Raymond Bannan, M.D., Partial owner of Physicians Regional Surgery Center

Congressman Johnson says that in order to properly represent his district, he wants to meet the people who bring innovation to our region. 

We’ve got a tremendous problem right now with workforce. You’ve got a lot of people that are no longer looking for a job, they’ve kind of given up on the job market.  

To have a state-of-the-art facility like this right here in our region, in central Appalachia, so that people can have that taken care of, I think is great.

Rep. Bill Johnson, (R) Marietta

Congressman Johnson asked Dr. Bannan if he could come back and actually sit in on cataract surgery, to which the doctor said most certainly.