It started with one vehicle rear-ending into another in Belmont County on I-70 West Sunday night and ended with a standoff with police.

40-year-old Jeremy Ritter of Pennsylvania, owner of a red H2 Hummer that he used to run from the police is being charged with assured clear distance violation, fleeing, and inducing panic.

A trooper from the Cambridge Post spotted Ritter while in Guernsey County after he had rear-ended another vehicle and drove away

The trooper tried to initiate a traffic stop but Ritter ignored it and continued to drive westbound.

According to troopers, Ritter came into Muskingum County at speeds up to 85 mph with what looked like no intentions of stopping.

Zanesville troopers were prepared with spike strips. Ritter hit one deflating both left side tires but continued running on two flat tires.

Ritter then stopped halfway down an exit ramp and according to troopers, stayed there inside the Hummer.

Troopers instructed Ritter to step out of the vehicle over the PA system after observing that Ritter’s Hummer had tinted windows and they could not see inside. Ritter refused to step out of the vehicle.

Officials said it quickly became a barricade situation with Zanesville Police and Muskingum County Sheriff’s Department blocking off the ramp and creating a perimeter around the vehicle.

A negotiator from the Zanesville Police Department along with the Zanesville SWAT officers and OHSP’s Special Response Team responded to the scene with armored vehicles that were used to help get Ritter out of the vehicle by shining bright lights in the direction of the Hummer.

Meanwhile, troopers evacuated nearby businesses as a safety precaution.

Ritter finally complied, stepped out of the vehicle, and was transported to a hospital for observation due to beliefs of drug influence.

Ritter remains in the hospital.