UPDATE: 3:47 p.m., October 7

Rocky Sirianni, Barnesville Police Chief, tells 7NEWS that his department plans to send a report about this alleged bullying incident to the Belmont County Prosecutor, Kevin Flanagan, by Friday at the latest.

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BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – Details are swirling among the public, and it’s an incident that people are calling disturbing, horrendous, cruel and unacceptable.

But officials have been tight-lipped about the events of Friday night until now, when the Barnesville Police chief released this initial statement:

On Saturday, October 2, the Barnesville Police Department received a complaint from the father of a Barnesville High School student. The complainant indicated that an incident had occurred Friday night near the Barnesville High School in which his son was restrained and menaced by other High School students. The Barnesville Police Department is conducting an investigation into the incident. The incident remains under investigation and criminal charges may be recommended to the prosecutor’s office upon completion.

Rocky Sirianni, Barnesville Police Chief

Chief Sirianni tells 7News that reports should be completed and submitted to the prosecutor by the end of this week.

He said one of the suspects is legally an adult, the rest are juveniles.

So the report will be sent to both the juvenile prosecutor and the adult prosecutor.

He indicates there is also video evidence in the case.