This is the eve of a tragic anniversary in Ohio Valley history.

On June 14, 1990, it will be 32 years since the Wegee and Pipe Creek flood that took 26 lives.

In Belmont County, emergency officials are watching the weather patterns closely.

EMA Director Dave Ivan said he’ll go back to work in the evening, and probably stay through the night.

The Emergency Operations Center is always ready to be activated, and this is one of those times when it may be necessary.

Right now they are warning Belmont County residents to secure any loose outdoor items because with potentially high winds, things could go airborne.

“The biggest concern I have is not so much trash cans and lawn chairs, but it’s trampolines in yards,” said Ivan. “Make sure those things are secured somehow. Either stake them down or put something heavy on them or tie them off. Because we have a lot of folks that have trampolines. And they often go airborne and take out power lines.”

Ivan recalled several years ago when the derecho came through.

He says there were a lot of power outages, which often happen with straight line winds.

He says we could potentially see that again in the next 24 hours.

So it would be a good idea to locate your flashlight and batteries and keep them handy.