The Ohio Parole Board had denied triple murderer Eugene Blake’s request for parole.

After committing his first murder in the 1960s, Blake was later granted his freedom by the West Virginia Parole Board and was released, then went on to kill two other people in the Ohio Valley—a young Belmont County man on a date in a park, and a 13-year-old Wheeling girl, in separate incidents.

The Belmont County Prosecutor’s Office had written to the parole board, urging them to deny Blake his freedom.

“We’re very happy the parole board made the decision they did, taking into consideration the thoughts we put forth in our letter,” said Joe Vavra, Belmont County Assistant Prosecutor. “We believe it was the appropriate decision and Mr. Blake is where he needs to be. He is an extremely violent individual and it is inappropriate for him to receive freedom again.”

In their letter, the prosecutor’s office called Blake “the epitome of evil.”

They said it was clear from his past that if he were ever to be freed, he would kill again.