BELMONT COUNTY, OH (WTRF) — We’re just in time for pumpkin picking season.

Thousands of pumpkins are raised on just the Ebbert Farm Market alone… every year. Last year marked its 100th year.

Their own pumpkins are all grown and taken care of at Ebbert Farms all-summer-long.

This where families come for Indian corn, apples, cider, gourds and just to find that perfect pumpkin.

And that perfect pumpkin you’re looking for Ebbert says is up to you.

Of course, a lot of people want that dark orange large stem pumpkin. It’s kind of fun. Every pumpkin seems like they’re like people. They all have their own personality, their own look.

Jerry Ebbert, owner of Ebbert Farm Market

Ebbert says there’s also lots of space to social distance while pumpkin picking.

Even families stop by to take pictures with their little ones.

Ebbert Farm in Saint Clairsville is only open Wednesday through Sunday.