BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Although graduation isn’t what they hoped it would be, soon this year’s senior class will be leaving high school behind and starting on a new path. 

Many of those students will receive scholarships.

Most of those scholarships work the same way, a student is rewarded for their hard work with money towards their continued education.

XTO Energy has a unique scholarship. The winner not only receives money for themselves, but the community organization of their choosing also gets a grant. 

Shadyside High School senior Cole Goode is the recipient of this year’s XTO Energy Community Leader of Tomorrow Award and a $500 scholarship.

It really means It really means a lot. It will certainly help out a lot and I’m very thankful for winning. 

Cole Goode, Scholarship Winner

It also means the Belmont County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is getting some help. 

I looked for non-profits in the area and I saw they were doing a good thing, so I just chose them.”) 

Cole Goode, Scholarship Winner

Students who entered nominated a local non-profit and made a video explaining why that organization is worthy of a $1,000 grant donation. 

Goode plans to study design, starting at West Virginia Northern and eventually enroll at West Liberty University, so he though this was a good way to show off what he’d learned so far. 

We’re really thankful for that recognition. We’ve been in Belmont County since January 20, 1998. We’ve built approximately 24 homes in Belmont County. 

John Mattern, Treasurer, Habitat for Humanity of Belmont County

The Belmont County chapter of Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just help with affordable housing. 

We try to provide some uh financial education. Helping people not only with budgeting and learning how to maintain a home, how to make the payments and save money.

John Mattern, Treasurer, Habitat for Humanity of Belmont County

They also give people a “Brush with Kindness” 

We’ll go out and we’ll help someone with repairs to their home whatever that might be. 

John Mattern, Treasurer, Habitat for Humanity of Belmont County

Thanks go Goode, the organization will have more funds to help more people.

 It’s amazing the homes that some people live in that we’ve been able to help.

John Mattern, Treasurer, Habitat for Humanity of Belmont County

Habitat for Humanity of Belmont County said it’s always looking for volunteers. 

To learn more about the work they do visit their website If you’d like to volunteer you can call John Mattern at 740-579-6900.  

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