While pups and kittens are undeniably adorable, there is a downside—the annual population explosion results in countless homeless pets.

The Belmont County Animal Shelter has several rooms devoted to mother cats and kittens, and they’re filled.

The county dog warden says, in many cases, unwanted pets are being dumped along back roads and even on highways.

“A Belmont County resident called and found a little kitten, sick, on a state route,” said Lisa Williams. “He hurried and brought it in. He was upset to see it on the road.”

She noted that another man brought in a carrier full of puppies, saying they were not his, and refusing to leave any information about his identity or the source of the pups.

“He just dumped the whole cage and everything out in the shelter parking lot and left,” she said.

Williams said some people see an animal out running loose, and the post it on social media but never call the shelter.

She urges anyone who sees a homeless animal, to call or bring it to the shelter.

On the other hand, there’s never been a better time to adopt a new forever friend.

They have 50 kittens at the shelter right now.

The phone number is (740) 695-4708.