News over high radiation levels found in soil near Martins Ferry’s drinking water source has been circulating. 

High levels of radioactivity found in Ohio drinking water source

But city officials say what you’re hearing from the Ohio Valley Group — CORR — is false.

I believe they’re spreading mistruths.

Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies

Mayor John Davies is concerned over CORR’s claims the soil and drinking water nearby a facility in Martins Ferry isn’t safe. 

When asked if that’s true, the Mayor quickly shut that down. 

I drink the water every day. My kids drink it. My grandkids drink it.

Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies

The Ohio Valley Group CORR says they discovered radiation levels over ten times higher than background levels. 

The group says they took the samples on a public road that’s within the Martins Ferry water source. 

CORR claims it’s a health threat. 

But Mayor Davies says the city’s results show otherwise.  

He says they test mud puddle water and soil often​.

We test our water consistently. Our operator of record does our testing. He not only tests ours, but he tests many other entities throughout the Valley.

Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies

And city officials say the most recent radiation levels are so low they come out “undetected.”

Both CORR and the Mayor had been in contact with one another. 

They had plans to meet, but the Mayor decided to step back. 

I thought we were going to have the meeting to discuss details before it comes out to the public to make sure things are accurate . If you’re going to try blindsiding me, I’m not going to meet with you. That ended the conversation.” 

Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies

And all Mayor Davies has left to say to CORR and any concerned residents out there is this​:

We probably have one of the best operator’s records of the Valley

Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies