Bellaire, Ohio (WTRF)- You might not believe in ghosts, but one house in Bellaire may convince you otherwise. It’s rumored to have “unexplained” activity and stories of encounters with spirits from the dead.

Ask anyone who might have stepped foot inside, and they may all claim the house is “truly” haunted. There’s said to be reports of strange encounters with things you can’t see with the naked eye. There are also believed to be spirits who inhabit the house.

But haunted or not? That’s up to you to decide.

Driving by this house in Bellaire, you might not sense anything unusual.

But word on the street is — something’s off.

Many are rumored to come out of it with strange encounters — so strange that to call it “haunted” may be the only explanation for it.

“There’s just things we cannot explain.”

Kristin Lee, owner of Bellaire Haunted House

But the owner, Kristen Lee, and other paranormal investigators aren’t ruling the claims of it being haunted out.

It’s even said to be home to many spirits. One in particular is a frequent visitor who Lee says they’ve heard from many times.

“We do a lot of communication sessions, and remarkable things come out, like Edwin Hetherington. He actually sits here and talks to us through the pieces of equipment that we use.”

Kristin Lee, owner of Bellaire Haunted House

And she says it’s not just the voices they hear, but there’s a chilling sensation that follows.

“When that happens the energy kind of ramps up and it’s super cool to see that kind of energy flow. Sometimes we get physiological feelings, cold chills and you can feel cold air pockets going through the table in a circle.”

Kristin Lee, owner of Bellaire Haunted House

That’s just one of many unusual occurrences, and anyone who visits comes out with their own supernatural experience. Lee recalls claims of people connecting with their deceased loved ones. Others report “unexplained” scratches or incidents where their hair is being pulled.

Even the untold story behind it is chilling enough. Built in the mid-1800s, it’s lived through tragedies from the French and Indian War. There have also been reports of death in the house.

And all these years later, there are unusual experiences still told to this day with so many questions left unanswered.

“Is it true? Is it real? I don’t know… Who knows? We just don’t know. But have we collected some hard-core data to create some awesome claims to support our theory? Absolutely.”

Kristin Lee, owner of Bellaire Haunted House

If you’d like to go see the Bellaire haunted house for yourself, they’re opening the doors tomorrow at 2 p.m. for tours. The owner is also doing a book signing for her book called “Paranormal Confessions.”

The event is at the Bellaire House (1699 Belmont St, Bellaire, OH).