Tips to care for a live Christmas tree


Belmont, OH (WTRF)- Half the fun of Christmas is picking out a real tree, but if it dries out, that may put a damper on the holidays.

Experts have simple, but important, tips to care for it. The key is water.

“A fresh cut tree just needs water, and that’s all it needs.”

Theresa Feisley, owner of Feisley Tree Farms

Experts say a tree’s natural defense is to sap over. This means if you let it go dry, the tree might not take water again. But if it’s already not taking water after you’ve just brought it home, not to worry.

“We’ve had lots of rain, so there’s a high moisture content, so don’t be afraid if it doesn’t take water at first, it will. Just keep watering it.”

Theresa Feisley, owner of Feisley Tree Farms

Slightly warm water is also recommended. That helps the tree absorb it quicker.

And if all this sounds simple, experts say it really is.

“Like fresh cut flowers, this is also a fresh cut living thing before you cut it, and you want to keep good water in it. So, if you don’t water flowers in a vase, they’ll dry up and a Christmas tree will do the same. So, you want to just keep it in water, and that’s all. It’s pretty simple.”

Theresa Feisley, owner of Feisley Tree Farms

Experts say it’s common to put additives in but not necessary. They also say proper lighting, like a surge protector, is a good idea too, and avoid overloading it with too many strains of lights.

“Other than that, there really isn’t anything. Enjoy your tree. I put up ten in my house on Thanksgiving, and they do just fine, but I keep them watered.”

Theresa Feisley, owner of Feisley Tree Farms

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