BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF)– The judge set a trial date of June 9 for Christine Edgar.

She’s charged with three counts of causing deliberate harm to a companion animal and three counts of abandonment.

Belmont County Northern Division Court Judge Chris Berhalter denied a defense motion for dismissal because it was submitted past the deadline.

The case came to light when Edgar’s former house in Barton was repossessed and professional cleaners went in.

They discovered the bodies of 30 animals—rabbits, cats and kittens—that were allegedly left behind when she moved out.

Edgar now lives in Jefferson County in a house where there are animals present.

Judge Berhalter has ordered Belmont County Hoof and Paw humane agents to inspect the house, to make sure those animals are being cared for.

“According to her (Christine Edgar), the animals belong to the boyfriend and none of the animals within the home are her responsibility,” said Hoof and Paw Humane Agent Julie Larish. “Within two weeks, we will go up and do an inspection just to assure that the animals are doing well.”

Edgar remains free on personal recognizance bond.