The Belmont County Sheriff’s Department stated that the Belmont County Criminal Interdiction Unit arrested two people on felony drug charges after a traffic stop.

During the traffic stop, detectives assigned to the unit discovered more than 2,500 counterfeit pills with the markings, “M30.” These pills appeared to be the prescription pill Oxycodone, however, they were not what they seemed.

Initial testing on the counterfeit pills showed many contained the deadly drug Fentanyl.

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Sheriff Dave Lucas wants to warn potential users about these counterfeit pills that the sheriff’s office is seeing in the area.

There have been 20 fatal drug overdoses in Belmont County this year.

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Two men from the Cleveland area, Jeremy Howze, 32, and Ernest Whitsett, 26, were booked in the Belmont County Jail on Felony 1 possession of drugs.

Authorities said that both Howze and Whitsett may face additional charges after the prosecutor’s office reviews the case.