POWHATAN POINT, Ohio (WTRF) — The Village of Powhatan Point Board of Public Affairs issued a statement Thursday about chemicals in the Ohio River following the Ohio train derailment disaster in East Palestine.

Water Superintendent Paul McCloud wrote in the statement that the village is not concerned about chemicals from the accident in the Ohio River, and that the village does not have an intake from the Ohio River.

“We are not concerned about any chemical that may have gotten into the Ohio River from the accident. We do NOT have an intake from the Ohio River.”

Paul McCloud, Village of Powhatan Point Water Superintendent

McCloud said the village’s water source is ground water, not surface water. The water source is artesian deep wells averaging 60 feet deep.

McCloud said that even though they have not been advised by Ohio EPA or any other agency to do additional testing, they are still testing for VOCs, SOCs and radiological items on the raw water and finished water.

The village is also continuing their regular daily and monthly sampling efforts mandated by the Ohio EPA to ensure water safety now and in the future.