Belmont County, OH (WTRF)-If you want to give foster care children a home, the need may be greater than you realize.

Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services says they have 45 children, but there are only 32 licensed foster care homes to go around and less than half of those are currently taking placements.

Because of that, the agency is offering preservice classes to increase the number of licensed foster care parents in the area.

The classes do a lot for people wanting to become foster care parents, but even more for the children.

“Being removed from your birth parents is already a traumatic experience, and if we also have to remove them from their communities and schools that also causes another trauma that we have to overcome. When we have foster parents So, when we have foster parents from our community, it’s a huge help.”

Megan Maffe, foster care case worker

The classes touch on several topics. That includes child development, behavior management, how to work with birth parents, and many more.

The classes start September 17th, and run for two weekends.

Just go here to sign up.