Bellaire, OH (WTRF)-Several cities in the valley are lighting up the sky to celebrate America’s birthday, but if you’re thinking of setting them off yourself, listen up!

Ohio Fireworks in Bellaire is fully stocked with a variety of fireworks, including 30 different types of aerials and 50 different kinds of rockets, reloadables, and roman candle, as well as assortments and 500 grams.

And if you get the chance to set off fireworks, Store Supervisor Jessica Stephens says have fun, but most importantly, be careful. That means use common sense and don’t forget to gear up with the proper equipment.

“We are fully stocked. We are the cheapest around. We stay below everybody else around us. We have quality fireworks. I handpick everything myself, so I know what it all does, and it’s all very good stuff.”


Stephens reminds us it is now legal to shoot fireworks off for certain holidays. That includes the 4th of July and the days leading up to it. The store is open from 9 to 9 this weekend and 9 to 5 on the 4th.

Ohio Fireworks has been selling fireworks in Bellaire since the early 1900s.