At Belmont County’s main ODOT garage in Morristown, preparations started early Friday for Sunday’s predicted snowfall.

There are 20 trucks with 20 drivers per shift, and they will run two 12-hour shifts a day.

Transportation Director Jerry Campbell says the first crew will come in at noon Sunday, and they’ll have trucks loaded and waiting.

“Our average route is 35 miles long,” Campbell noted. “With a storm prediction of this significance, it will look like our trucks were never there.”

He said their average speed is 30 miles per hour.

“People may call and say they haven’t seen our trucks for an hour,” he said. “But depending on the snow, sometimes it takes our drivers an hour or more to make one round on their route.”

In Belmont County alone, ODOT is responsible for 700 miles of state, interstate and U.S. roads.

He says all their trucks are capable of spreading salt and pre-wetting it so it doesn’t bounce off the pavement.

The driving public needs to have patience, he emphasizes.

“If you really need to go somewhere, plan ahead, leave early and please take your time,” he concluded.