Belmont County, OH (WTRF)_In Belmont County, people are wondering who to call, if they become aware of an animal being neglected, abused, ill or injured.

The agency that handled many humane cases, BCARL, has recently ceased some of its operations, including humane cases.

Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas assures everyone, they can call his department.

“If it’s in Belmont county, you want to call the non emergency number, 695-2212, and Central Dispatch will dispatch one of my deputies. They’ll go out, they’ll look at it, and we will contact, there’s other humane agencies in the county we work with the other agencies in regards to taking care of the complaint.”

Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas

You can also contact Belmont County Hoof and Paw, an organization with licensed humane agents, who can respond to humane cases with either pets or livestock.

Their phone number is (610) 314-5203.