Police say a pair of porch pirates have been hitting houses in the Bridgeport area on Main, Howard and Hall streets and also in Brookside.

Bridgeport theft suspects

Police Chief John Bumba says they’ve been grabbing packages that have been delivered to porches from FedEx, UPS and Amazon.

A woman happened to see two suspects in the process, and she took pictures.

Rear view of suspects in Bridgeport robberies

Now Bridgeport Police ask you to take a look, see if you know these individuals and if so, report them.

“They were riding bicycles,” said Chief Bumba. “We believe one of them is a male and one a female. The male in question walked up on somebody’s porch then suddenly left that porch, left his bicycle and took off running. He ditched his jacket. The jacket contained some evidence that was stolen out of the Main Street area.”

If you recognize the suspects in these pictures, you are urged to call the Crimestoppers tip line at 1 (877) TIPS 4 US.

Or you can report it online at

Your call can be kept anonymous.

In the meantime, police suggest that if you’ve ordered something, track it online, be aware of when it’s due to arrive and if you’re not at home at the time, ask a trusted neighbor to pick it up.